SurgiTel Loupes and Headlights

DD has partnered with SurgiTel in the US, to offer the highest quality loupes and headlights to dental clinicians in the UK and in ROI.

SurgiTel… Vision and Ergonomics At Work

We at DD are pleased to bring the SurgiTel range of customised loupes to you. SurgiTel is a Division of General Scientific Corporation (GSC). GSC has been making a variety of optical components and optical imaging equipment since 1932. In 1992, GSC entered the medical market by developing a line of ergonomic loupes based on multiple patented concepts which help clinicians alleviate their neck and back pain. These next generation products were sold under the SurgiTel brand name. SurgiTel Systems handles a line of vision-enhancement products for dental and medical professionals.

With a significant amount of time leaning over your patients, the risks of developing an unhealthy work posture are high. Bad equipment can lead to strains, pains and even long-term injury. SurgiTel’s advanced magnification, unique tilt angles and multiple ergonomic patents mean that you can do your surgical procedures comfortably.

Next Generation Loupe Technology

  • The lightest loupes
  • The best loupe posture
  • The most magnification options
  • Truly customized TTL and FLM options

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Vision Enhanced

See more, See better

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Mico Line Loupes

Micro Line

  • Lightest full-feature loupe in the industry
  • Standard Field (Galilean) & Expanded Field (Prism)
  • 2.5x – 4.5x
Compact Line Loupes

Compact Line

  • More compact than traditional loupes
  • Standard Field (Galilean) & Expanded Field (Prism)
  • 2.5x – 4.5x
PrismPro Line Loupes

PrismPro Line

  • Higher magnification for high-precision procedures
  • Expanded Field (Prism) Only
  • 5.5x – 8.0x

Magnification: SurgiTel offers magnification from 2.5x to 8.0x. Every clinician will find a fit among the many SurgiTel options: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.5x, 8.0x

Field of View: SurgiTel loupes maximise your field of view by utilising both oculars for a binocular effect. A wider field makes for easier and faster work, and better outcomes.

Depth of Field: SurgiTel maximises your depth of field using ocular positioning and other proprietary technology. A longer depth of field makes for easier and faster work, and better outcomes.

Alignment & Stability: Visual quality relies on a stable and secure mounting. SurgiTel delivers the clearest vision through quality optical components and construction, and patented stabilisation technology.

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Posture Enhanced

Less stress on your neck and shoulders

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Custom-built Declination Angle:

SurgiTel loupes feature steep (the right posture) custom built declination angles for a long and pain-free career.

Compare posture angles
Front Lens Mounted

Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM)

  • Customizable declination angle
  • Features patented stabilization technology for clear images and easier work
  • Patented vertical slide and double hinge mean a custom alignment to your personal working posture
Through The Lens

Through-the-Lens (TTL)

  • Stronger declination angle results from SurgiTel's patented and patent pending technology
  • Patented frame tilt allows for better downward vision and more complete eye protection
  • Clear, stable images mean for easier, more comfortable work
A frame for every face

A frame for every face

Our combination of nosepad, mounting and frame options provide a comfortable and stable fit

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Lighting Enhanced

The right lights to brighten your work

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  • Powerful LED technology
  • Uniform beam/multi-lens technology - Patented
  • True co-axial illumination for a shadowless working area
  • Either headband or on-loupe-mounting
Beams comparison

Benefits of SurgiTel headlights

  • Patented optics create superior beam quality
  • Color options to adapt to your work
  • Smallest and lightest LED headlight
  • Lithium battery pack provides light for 8 hours
  • Adjustable brightness knob
  • Fits on SurgiTel and other telescopes, frames, or headbands
  • Optimal color balance provides true colors and reduces eye strain
  • Co-axial design produces shadowless work space
LED colour comparison
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Safety Enhanced

X-ray and Laser eye protection

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The human eye is extremely sensitive to wavelengths both in and out of the visual spectrum. Cornea damage, retinal burning and even early cataract development can result from insufficient protection. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes these dangers and these SurgiTel products meet and exceed their recommendations. We provide real, beneficial protection that is easy to wear.

SurgiTel products meet the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines
SurgiTel laser filters

SurgiTel offers the convenience of Loupes + Prescription lenses + Laser protection in one! Get rid of those bulky goggles — we offer both prescription/plain lenses and laser protection in one frame. SurgiTel's patented Ergo Frame with double nose pads also provides added comfort and stability. Use with or without Loupes and with or without headlights.

  • X-Ray Leaded Lenses, recommended for imaging procedures
  • Laser Filters, prescription or regular lens options
  • Image Enhancement Filters, for enhanced color and contrast
  • Polarizing Filters, for glare reduction and enhanced clarity
  • Built-in / Drop-in options available
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Style Enhanced

Seeing your best never felt this good

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Oakley Logo

SurgiTel has chosen to partner with Oakley because of their unique suitability for loupes. Oakley loupes are extremely lightweight and sturdy, offer 2-point fit for the best weight distribution, and have steep pantoscopic tilt for enhanced ergonomic angles. Used by both star athletes and the U.S. Military, these sturdy frames are ideal for your work.

SurgiTel Logo

SurgiTel’s titanium frames are custom made for loupes. They feature the versatility, strength, and ergonomic features required to make the most previse and best performing loupes. SurgiTel loupes accommodate even the highest eye prescriptions and magnification levels.

Oakley Frames Oakley Frames


  • 3-Point Fit for stability and comfort
  • High Definition Optics (HDO)
  • Made from lightweight, impact-absorbing material
SurgiTel Frames SurgiTel Frames


  • Pure Titanium Construction
  • Steep frame tilt angle designed for the best posture loupes
  • Patented nose pad designs for extreme stability
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SurgiCam HD icon

SurgiCam HD

Loupe-Mounted Video Camera

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SurgiCam HD with frames

Share, educate, and train with SurgiTel’s SurgiCam HD! This loupe-mounted 1080p digital video camera allows you to record and share procedures from the clinicians’ point of view. SurgiTel’s user-friendly software lets clinicians easily record and manage their procedures. SurgiCam HD is great for live or recorded teaching, sharing procedures, unique perspectives for publication, documentation, transmitting anywhere in the world, and remote consultation.

  • Capture on video your work area as you see it
  • The first loupe-mounted, patented digital video camera system
  • Digitally document every step of your procedure, clearly recording the process

Training: either live or recorded, viewers get an unobstructed view of your work

Sharing: share video with others locally or over the internet

Publication: unique and new procedures can be shared with outside parties

Documentation: keep an indisputable record of entire procedures

Transmitting: transmit live procedures to anywhere in the world, or to hundreds of mobile devices at once using Zoom software

Consultation: coordinate remote consultation in an instant

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