Duraphat Varnish 2.26% Sodium Fluoride


Sodium fluoride dental suspension for professional application.

Colgate® Duraphat® Varnish is clinically proven for the prevention of caries. It is tinted for easy visualisation and sets rapidly on contact with saliva, making it quick and easy to apply. It covers teeth with a film of suspension which hardens in the presence of saliva. It then persists over the following hours to cause Fluoride to accumulate at a measurable depth in the tooth enamel.


  • Prevention of caries. Forms calcium fluoride on the tooth surface, providing a fluoride reservoir for protection against cariogenic acid attack.
  • Desensitisation of hypersensitive teeth. Forms calcium fluoride globules which occlude dentine tubules.

Active ingredients: Contains 22,600ppm sodium fluoride

Prescription only fluoride varnish.