Takara Belmont Limited

Compass E Surgery System & 720S Light


Compass - Ambidextrous Treatment Centre

Control and discretion are the finest traits of the Compass delivery system. An intelligent delivery solution which seeks to conceal the instruments from Patient view without compromising working comfort. Designed for uninterrupted dentistry in the most demanding surgery environments, Compass is pointing to the future. To improve efficiency and increase workflow are the key aims of the Compass Surgery System. Sheer mobility enables simultaneous tasks to be carried out, thus saving the Patient and surgery time. Unrivalled console mobility and Compass's determined versatility bring all the benefits of convenience, flexibility and Patient comfort.

Compass (Electric)

Base-mounted delivery system, consists of:-

  • Compass dental chair, features include: Twin-articulating headrest, 8 preset positions, Last-Position memory (LP) & Auto-Return, Swing out armrests, integral service centre with air & water regulators & pressure indicators, Synchronised axix backrest, 8-way foot control.
  • Base-mounted swing-around delivery system, features include: Height-adjustable, Operator's console, Easy-clean membrane switch panel, 3-way autoclavable syringe, Table safety lock device, 3 handpiece outlets with individual air & water control, LED display, First priority handpiece selection, Handpiece line flush-out system, Handpiece oil mist collector, Bottled water system.
  • Additional features: NSK NLX-Plus fibre optic micro motor, Preset micro motor & torque control with Auto-Reverse & LED display and 2 fibre-optic Turbine hoses.
  • Chair-mounted rotatable cuspidor unit (left & right), features include: Easily-detached porcelain cuspidor bowl with 180° rotation - Option: Blue/Pink/Green glass bowl (in place of porcelain cuspidor bowl), Assistant's console, Assistant 3-way autoclavable syringe, Easily-detached HV & ejector tubings, Automatic bowl-flush & cup-filler, Assistant-side chair preset controls chair preset positioning.