Takara Belmont Limited

Voyager III Treatment Centre


Voyager III Treatment Centres are very flexible and versatile, offering three delivery systems including the III-L's left and right-handed compatibility. By the nature of its intelligent design and outstanding ergonomics it is both a space-saving and efficient working environment. Voyager M (Cabinet) and MC (Cart) represent the flexibility of the Voyager III packages and Belmont's knack of pleasing everyone.

Voyager III-L has been created with a vision for the future incorporating a perfect balance between advanced ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. Soft-touch seamless upholstery and new technology material has been incorporated in the manufacturing of Voyager III-L ensuring a long lasting durable and hygienic dental system.

Unique right and left handed compatible system:-

  • Voyager dental chair
  • Twin articulating headrest
  • 2 x preset positions last position memory (LP)
  • Auto-return, swing-out armrests (L&R)
  • Integral service centre with air and water filter regulators
  • 8-way foot control
  • Voyager L - (left & right) unit
  • 3 handpiece outlets clean water system
  • Chair-mounted cuspidor unit - (Left & Right)
  • Porcelain cuspidor bowl
  • Manual cup filler and bowl flush
  • High volume evacuator and 1 saliva ejector
  • Durr spittoon & isolation valve