X-Mind DC with Square Collimation Std Arm (80cm)


The latest generation intra-oral x-rays compliant with all current standards and guidelines and compatible with all film speeds.

For increased patient safety, the X-Mind Tubes are located at the back of the head – increasing the distance from focal point to skin by 50%. Also filters and controls leakage radiation for maximum staff protection. Also, the advanced safety system and exposure time control ensure a constant dose and avoids retakes.

The X-Mind DC exposure times are optimised for use with digital sensors – with a generator that is compatible with practically all digital imaging systems. The numerous control systems make the X-Mind AC and DC very safe to use and ensure very high quality performance.

The lightweight pantograph arms offer flexible, accurate positioning and are easy to clean. Both come complete with timer, wall plate, soft-positioner pantograph and its 0.80m extension, and a head with square cone. Both available with long arm.

X-Mind DC standard arm 80 cm